I am especially interested in techniques that can link the 3D world and human perception.

I am currently focusing on using learning techniques to solve problems in two complementary fields: geometric modeling and 3D vision. My (future) goal is to develop an artificially intelligent agent that can understand our 3D world through proactive interactions.

E-StopMotion: digitizing stop motion for enhanced animation and games Anamaria Ciucanu, Naval Bhandari, Xiaokun Wu, Shridhar Ravikumar, Yong-Liang Yang, Darren Cosker Motion in Games 2018 [Click this if you are boring right now :smile:] [Paper] [BibTex]
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Structure-aware content creation: detection, retargeting and deformation Saarbrücken, 20 January 2017. [Defended] [Doctoral Thesis]
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