About me

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I am Xiaokun Wu, aka Kelvin, and my Chinese name is 吴晓堃.

I am curious about anything that is unknown to me, and would always like to try new challenges. I am keen on making things from imagination into reality, and on making prototypes towards perfection.

Work Experience

I was a post-doctoral researcher at the Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research and Applications (CAMERA) group of University of Bath, from Mar 2017 to Dec 2018.


I owned my first personal computer (with Pentium II) in 1998. Nonetheless, I learn new skills faster than quick changes in technology.


I received my PhD in Computer Science from Max-Planck-Institute for Informatics and Saarland University, where I closely collaborated with Prof. Hans-Peter Seidel, Michael Wand and Klaus Hildebrandt on Computer Graphics.

Before that, I received my Master degree in Mathematics from Zhejiang University on Computer Graphics and Computer Aided Geometric Design (CG&CAGD), under the supervision of Prof. Ligang Liu.

To tell you how diverse my interests is: I received my Bachelor degree in Engineering from College of Oenology at Northwest A&F University, but in the end I decided to change my career direction.


Besides research, sports is the most significant part of my life. I kept the habit of going to the gym daily since 2010, mainly focused on weightlifting techniques.


My training is more like scientific experiments: study human body biology, calculate nutrients balance, make training plans, evaluate performance, etc.

I am good at conducting surveys and experiments due to years of research training. I am also interested in applying my expertise to performance analysis.

Life and Misc.


I like reading history and visiting historical sites to explore cultural differences. I do outdoor photography and post-processing if it’s memorable.

I like keeping close to nature and organized several hiking & camping trips. In one of my crazy but well-planned journeys: I drove nearly 5000 KM in 9 days, finished three most famous hiking routes in Norway, took a kayak & glacier trekking trip, and did many other activities.

Languages and Reading

I am a native Chinese :cn: speaker. I am fluency in English :uk: and my German :de: vocabulary is large enough for daily readings.

Play Bridge

I am a member of the World Bridge Federation and was in charge of the school’s team of my university. As the team leader, I competed for the 11th World Youth Team Championships (Bangkok 2006), representing schools team of China.