echo '--pager=less -RFX' >> ~/.ackrc

Simple Searching

# files that ack cares about
ack -f | wc -l

# word boundaries
ack -w

Analyzing Search Focus

# return only the count of matching lines
ack -c

# single number of lines
ack -ch

Modifying the Search Output

# only return numbers for files where the match was found
ack -cl

# see the column
ack -w --column

# see above/below/both
ack -w --python -A 2
ack -w --python -B 5
ack -w --python -C 3

# just print the files that have matches
ack -f --python

# specify a pattern for the file/directory structure
ack -g log --cc

Working with File Types

ack --help-types

# modify a type categorization
echo "--type-add=css:ext:sass,less" >> ~/.ackrc

# match the file name
echo "--type-set=example:is:example.txt" >> ~/.ackrc

# define matches with normal regular expressions
echo "--type-set=bashcnf:match:/.bash(rc|_profile)/" >> ~/.ackrc